4. Rich Communication Solution

SendingNetwork offers developers a comprehensive suite of communication tools designed to enhance user interaction and engagement in applications. Here's how we're revolutionizing communication:

Text Chat

A foundational feature that supports end-to-end encrypted text messaging for private or group conversations. Our platform leverages peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to offer secure, encrypted messaging between users, eliminating reliance on centralized servers. This reduces potential data leaks and improves service quality by minimizing the number of intermediate nodes.

Voice and Video Communication

Voice and video calls benefit from the same P2P infrastructure and encryption protocols, with added data compression and stream packet sequencing to ensure smooth video experiences even over unstable networks. We designed a specific type of streaming node to support the voice/video calls feature by providing WebRTC relay service and functioning as a streaming server.

Livestreaming and AMA

Our platform extends beyond simple communication, offering a rich, interactive live streaming and AMA (Ask Me Anything) capability. This integrates cryptocurrency transactions, instant messaging, and smart contracts into a single platform for community management and engagement. Key features include:

  • Immersive Interactive Streaming: Allows for real-time streaming and chatting, keeping users engaged with the community.

  • Dynamic Marketing Tools: Engage users with instant rewards like money guns and airdrops, alongside leaderboards to foster community activity and loyalty.

  • Flexible Promotional Content: Seamlessly integrate promotional and shopping links into streams to enhance user retention and boost transactions.

  • Private Streaming: Create private, anonymous streaming sessions for exclusive group interactions.

  • Dashboard Analytics: Monitor vital metrics such as user counts and engagement levels to gauge success and user retention effectively.

Sending.Network's rich communication solution empowers developers to integrate advanced messaging, voice and video calling, and interactive live streaming functionalities into their applications. Our focus on security, user engagement, and seamless integration offers an unparalleled experience, driving growth and opportunities in the Web3 space. We are eager to partner with you to unlock the full potential of digital communication.

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