Unity SDK

This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to get started with SendingNetwork requests using the SDK.


Before you begin, please ensure that you have the following prerequisites:


To install the SDK, you can use either NuGet package manage:
dotnet add package SDN.Sdk

Use the SDK in your app

1. Create

Use SDNClientFactory to create an instance of SDNClient.
var factory = new SDNClientFactory();
ISDNClient client = factory.Create();


Currently, SDNClient supports only wallet account login.
// pre-login
var preLoginResponse = await client.PreLoginAsync(new Uri(nodeUrl), walletAddress);
// sign message (or prompt user to sign with a wallet app)
var signer = new EthereumMessageSigner();
var signature = signer.EncodeUTF8AndSign(preLoginResponse.Message, new EthECKey(privateKey));
// login did
var loginResponse = await client.LoginAsync(preLoginResponse.Did, preLoginResponse.RandomServer, preLoginResponse.Updated, preLoginResponse.Message, signature);
userId = loginResponse.UserId;
accessToken = loginResponse.AccessToken;
// set client credential
client.SetCredential(new Uri(nodeUrl), loginResponse.UserId, loginResponse.AccessToken);

3. Start listening for incoming events

To listen for the incoming room events you need to subscribe to OnSDNRoomEventsReceived.
// add event listener
client.OnSDNRoomEventsReceived += (sender, eventArgs) =>
foreach (var roomEvent in eventArgs.SDNRoomEvents)
if (roomEvent is TextMessageEvent textMessageEvent)
Console.WriteLine($"RoomId: {textMessageEvent.RoomId} received event from {textMessageEvent.SenderUserId}: {textMessageEvent.Message}.");
// start syncing

4. Call API functions

// create new room
await client.CreateRoomAsync(roomName, null);
// invite user to the room
await client.InviteUserAsync(roomId, userId);
// send room message
await client.SendMessageAsync(roomId, "hello");


For a complete example, refer to Sample.cs. You can also clone this repository and run SDN.Sdk.Sample.Console.
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