Third-Party login

window.chatWidgetApi.thirdDIDLogin(address, thirdSignFunc, callBack)
Method NameDescriptionParametersReturn Values


Inject login status

address: user wallet address;

thirdSignFunc: Third party signer, eg. thirdSignFunc({ message});

callback: callback function after successful login


  1. First, set useThirdLogin on the widget component: <chat-component useThirdLogin={true} />.

  2. Call this API and provide the necessary parameters after the component has mounted, such as using useEffect, ComponentDidMount in React, or mounted in Vue. The address parameter represents the wallet address of the logged-in user (required), and thirdSignFunc is the signing function (required). When the API internally calls the thirdSignFunc signing function, it will pass the parameter message. thirdSignFunc should use this message to trigger wallet signing and return the result of the signature. The thirdDIDLogin API will wait for thirdSignFunc to complete and return, and then proceed with the login logic. Pseudocode example:

thirdDIDLogin(address, thirdSignFunc, callback) {
    // Use address to call the the API and retrieve the corresponding DID.
    const sign = await thirdSignFunc({message});
    // Call didLogin(sign, ...otherParams) to perform the login.
    // Upon successful login, call callback();
  1. The callback parameter is optional and can be used as needed. It will be invoked regardless of whether the login is successful or not. For a successful login, call callback(true), and for a failed login, call callback(false).


Method NameDescriptionParametersReturn Values


Control Widget Visibility

isShow (required): Specifies whether the widget should be displayed. [Type]: Boolean


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