7. Multiple Chat Modes

SendingNetwork offers three distinct connection modes, each catering to different preferences for privacy, decentralization, and efficiency. Selecting a mode is about personal preference and finding the right fit for your communication needs.

Local Mode

Your Personal Domain In Local Mode, you're the master of your domain, hosting a local node directly on your device. This ensures all your communications remain private and under your control. It's ideal for those who prioritize privacy but be mindful of the potential for increased network traffic in larger group chats.

Delegation Mode

The Efficient Network Carpool Delegation Mode simplifies networking by allowing users to connect via shared delegation nodes. These nodes manage the heavy lifting, making this mode perfect for those seeking efficiency and simplicity, especially in large group communications. It's like having a VIP pass for streamlined digital interaction.

Private Mode

The Exclusive Club Private Mode offers the ultimate in exclusivity and security, operating like a private club with strict guest list enforcement. It's designed for developers who host a service need an additional layer of privacy, such as businesses or closed groups, ensuring access is granted only to authorized individuals.

SendingNetwork invites you to join the revolution in digital communication. Whether you prefer the independence of Local Mode, the community vibe of Delegation Mode, or the exclusivity of Private Mode, we provide a platform that caters to all.

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